Wednesday, April 11, 2007

"Bits from Bill" Made My Day!

This has been a rather hectic week and it seems as though life has been just a bit off kilter. As a result, I have also been behind in my reading. Perhaps it is just as well, because just when I needed it most, I caught up with an article my on-line friend, Bill Pytlovany, posted yesterday, Female Journalist in the Media.

After reading Bill's kind words, I went out into the yard with the dogs to unwind. It is a late spring in Upstate NY this year. Rather than seeing the barren trees and shrubs, I admired the bed of primroses that are already flowering. I saw that the three miniature rose plants I purchased on clearance last fall at the end of the season for fifty cents each are beginning to sprout leaves. The grape hyacinths have peeked through the inevitable leaves that always accumulate after the last fall cleanup. The daffodils that were drooping from the cold and snow on Easter, have perked up and the crocuses are flowering.

I still have a lot on my mind, but, thanks to Bill, I am seeing things in perspective.

Thank you, Bill.

Be sure to read what Bill has to say about my friends, Donna, Sandi, Nellie2 and LilBambi. Deb Shindler doesn't realize it, but I am also a fan of hers and am subscribed to her blog and read her SunBelt articles.

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