Tuesday, January 16, 2007

WinPatrol 2007 Beta - Vista Compatible

As a long-time fan of WinPatrol, I was excited to see Bill Pytlovany's announcment today that WinPatrol 2007 Beta is available for download. His projected release date of the final version is scheduled for February 18, 2007.

In addition to the many features users have come to depend upon in WinPatrol, the 2007 version has a new feature called "Delayed Start". Delayed Start will be very helpful with software programs that think they need to be first, while the system processes are still loading. With WinPatrol 2007, users will be able to specify the time to wait before selected software programs are launched.

WinPatrol is Microsoft Vista compatible and, in fact, has a feature that Vista users will most likely appreciate. As Bill explains about WinPatrol, Delayed Start and Windows Vista:
"I'm pleased to say WinPatrol runs great with Windows Vista and takes full advantages of its enhanced security features. Using Vista's UAC(User Access Control), you may find some startup programs require your permission before they can begin. Moving these programs to the Delayed Start list can prevent simultaneous annoying systems pop ups."
The standard WinPatrol Features are described here.

WinPatrol remains free for personal use. Images and download information are available at "Bits from Bill". For a chance in a random drawing for a WinPatrol shirt, submit a bug report on WinPatrol 2007 beta. (I have one and its a really nice shirt.)

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