Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Email Support Blog at Windows Live™ Spaces

Today Microsoft launched a brand new Email Support Blog located on Windows Live Spaces. From what I have seen on the support forums, this will be a welcome addition for people using Microsoft's e-mail programs, particularly MSN Hotmail. Support will also be provided for Windows Live Mail, and Windows Live Mail for the desktop (the client).

Although there is no identification as we see at sites like the MSDN and TechNet team sites, "SidebarGeek" of
MSTechToday identified the site as supported by the Hotmail/Windows Live Mail Team.

Because the team is just starting out, patience will be needed while they get organized. In the meantime, the information below was provided for reporting a technical issue preventing use of the email software.

Windows Live Mail and Windows Live Mail desktop:
  • Go to http://support.live.com
  • Select Window Live Mail or Windows Live Mail for desktop
  • Submit an issue via the support e-form
Help will be provided at the blog if no response has been received to a submitted ticket in 24 hours or you are still having a problem. Just post a comment, including the SRX number of the ticket.

Simple enough and a welcome addition.

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