Sunday, January 21, 2007

Must Be a Slow News Day

ITWire published a story today that, according to new research, the public is no hurry to upgrade to Windows Vista. So what happens with a headline grabber like "No hurry for public to upgrade to Vista: new research"? It hits the news feeds and people think, "Hey, guess I better hold off with the Vista update."

Unfortunately, the fancy eye-catching headline is all people see. They miss the fact that the so-called "new research" only had 2221 respondents. In fact, the only information provided in the article on who participated in the survey was "40 blogs and 156 websites". For all we know, the blogs and websites were cooking, gardening, sports, open source, and other non-geek sites.

I really dislike irresponsible reporting, particularly by well known sites.

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