Monday, January 22, 2007

A New Storm Brewing

The malicious worm generators have moved on to what F-Secure is calling "Stormy Love". I guess that is to be expected with Valentines Day a few weeks away. In fact, I would expect this type of enticement to pick up as the date gets closer to February 14 when everyone's heartstrings are easy pickings. As it is, the folks at F-Secure noticed that the list of subjects if very similar to the list of romantic cards at

With all of these references to storms, I am hopeful that they don't pick on an old-time favorite, Stormy Weekend by the Mystic Moods Orchestra, pictured here. I believe we still have the old vinyl around somewhere.

The list that F-Secure has compiled so far is quite long and, as I suggested above, will probably grow over the next few weeks. This is what F-Secure has turned up to date:

A Bouguet of Love
A Day in Bed Coupon
A Monkey Rose for You
A Red Hot Kiss
Against All Odds
All That Matters
Baby, I'll Be There
Back Together
Breakfast in Bed Coupon
Can't Wait to See You!
Cyber Love
Dinner Coupon
Dream Date Coupon
Emptiness Inside Me
Fields Of Love
For You
Full Heart
I Believe
I Can't Function
I Dream of You
I Think of You
Internet Love
It's Your Move

Kiss Coupon
Love Birds
Love You Deeply
Made for Each Other
Miracle of Love
Moonlit Waterfall
My Invitation
Our Love
Our Love is Free
Our Two Hearts
Passionate Kiss
Pockets of Love
Puppy Love
Red Rose
Sending You My Love
Showers of Love
Someone at Last
Soul Partners
Summer Love
Take My Hand
That Special Love
The Dance of Love
The Long Haul

The Love Bugs
This Day Forward
This Feeling
Till Morning's Light
Till Morninig's Light
The Mood for Love
To New Spouse
Together Again
Together You and I
Touched by Love
Twice Blest
Until the Day
We're a Perfect Fit
Wild Nights
Will you?
When I'm With You
Worthy of You
Wrapped Up
Wrapped in Your Arms
You are our of this world
You Lucky Duck!
You Rock Me!
You Were Worth the Wait

The attachment names are not unexpected:
  • Greeting Postcard.exe
  • postcard.exe
  • greeting card.exe
  • Flash Postcard.exe
  • flash postcard.exe
The advice to follow is not new but is repeated once again. Just imagine an old vinyl copy of Stormy Weekend stuck and repeating . . . if your email spam filters don't pick it up, you can avoid infection by blocking executables in your email client. If you use webmail, do not click the attachment.

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