Friday, January 19, 2007

"Look for the Logo" Sweepstakes

By way of Josh's Windows Weblog, I learned of additional fun being sponsored by Microsoft to promote Windows Vista. It is the "Look for the Logo" Sweepstakes":
"Visit any partners' site to the right and look for the "Certified for Windows Vista" logo with the weekly four digit code. Then enter the code below for your chance to win.
Enter once a week now through March 4, 2007."

As explained at Look for the Logo:

"Software and devices that are Certified for Windows Vista have passed rigorous testing to ensure ease-of-use, better performance, and enhanced security, which means you’ll get the best experience."


"The black-and-white Works with Windows Vista logo signifies a product provides basic functionality and compatibility with the Windows Vista operating system. In contrast, products that are Certified for Windows Vista deliver the best experience."

Here's your opportunity to meet the certified partners, learn about the Vista Certified software and hardware available plus have a chance to win a prize.

Rules and prizes

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