Tuesday, January 02, 2007

WGA Team Reports Vista Hack

Representing the Windows Genuine Advantage Team, alexkoc reported a newly discovered hack of Windows Vista. This particular hack is a rather involved process used to reset the pre-activation clock. It is known as the 'timer crack' or '2099 crack' since the time period is reset to 2099. It certainly does sound complicated:

"Implementing this hack requires the user to implement a 23-step process that involves modifying/replacing kernel level files, making manual registry edits and other serious changes that could have destabilizing consequences. Our team is actively reviewing the reports of this workaround now, and I expect we'll take corrective action soon."
That is the news on the hack and I suspect with something that complex, the Microsoft Team will find a way to prevent it. What is disconcerting is that it was reported that the hack was posted at popular Engadget. Although not exhaustive, I made an effort to see the posting there but did not locate it. I am hopeful that contact with Engadget personnel resulted in the posting being removed.

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