Thursday, September 14, 2006

Zune While You Garden!

I told you about Microsoft's MP3 player, named Zune in an earlier posting (See Garden Music). It is now official! Microsoft launched Zune today.

From "
Microsoft's Zune Delivers Connected Music and Entertainment Experience, Built-in wireless technology lets consumers share experiences device to device", published September 14, 2006:
Available this holiday season in the United States, Zune includes a 30GB digital media player, the Zune Marketplace music service and a foundation for an online community that will enable music fans to discover new music. The Zune device features wireless technology, a built-in FM tuner and a bright, 3-inch screen that allows users to not only show off music, pictures and video, but also to customize the experience with personal pictures or themes to truly make the device their own. Zune comes in three colors: black, brown and white.


To get started with great music and videos out of the box, every Zune device is preloaded with content from record labels such as DTS, EMI Music’s Astralwerks Records and Virgin Records, Ninja Tune, Playlouderecordings, Quango Music Group, Sub Pop Records, and V2/Artemis Records.

I hope someone in my family is paying attention to my blog postings. If not, would one of you reading this give them a "poke" and point them in this direction please. After all, what better treat to find under the Christmas Tree this year than a brand new Zune? I have just one request from the Zune Team at Microsoft -- please make a version available for those of us who would prefer a version preloaded with music from a slightly . . . ummmm . . . earlier music genre.

Whatever activities you enjoy, whether it be jogging, running, gardening, or merely zoning out, imagine doing them to the accompanyment of Imagine 30GB of your favorite music.

See the Zune.

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Anonymous said...

Its about a year and half after your post, and tis what went down in history: A birds eye view of the mighty ipod, the hyped yet headturner iphone, and the bottom dwelling zune.
most cited mp3 players out of 2007