Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Scarecrow for Your Garden, WinPatrol for Your PC

A scarecrow may help protect your garden, but it certainly won't do much for your computer. However, it has just gotten a bit easier to protect your home computer with WinPatrol. Bill Pytlovany made the PLUS knowledge base freely accessible for the month of September.

As indicated in
Bits from Bill: New Students Need Protection:
No download or software change is required.

No Email registration, or your mothers maiden name required.

As of today, anyone with the free version of WinPatrol can access PLUS information.Over the years we’ve built quite the database which has now grown to over 13,000 program files. Our success/request ratio is at 93%. I’ve always tried to make sure the free version of WinPatrol remains valuable and I hope this helps. If we continue to get such great support it could be a permanent feature.
Have you ever opened Windows Task Manager and looked at the long list of running processes on your computer? Did you wonder what those names represented and if they were necessary? No need to wonder with the PLUS Knowledge Base. See a sample of the "plain English" explanation of ctfmon.exe

Scotty, the Windows Watch Dog, is on patrol in my garden!

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