Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Beware of Your Next Caller

That's right. The next call shown on the caller ID of your telephone, whether it be land-line or cell phone, may not be from the person or number shown.

SpoofCom.net has come up with an absurb program to sell what they call "Spoof Minutes" and change what callers see on their display when receiving a telephone call. Sounds good, right? A way to protect your telephone number? No, my friends, it is the crooks who will take advantage of this. How about spoofing the number of the police department, a goverment agency such as the FBI or Internal Revenue, American Express, or other credit card company or bank? Too many people are tricked into providing personal information as it is now. This is a potential time-bomb ready to explode in the faces of the innocent.

Manipulate the Caller ID, that is sent from your phone. Appear to be anyone, anywhere, anytime. This service is compatible with nearly all phones, cell phones, and even the new VoIP phones!


No computer needed! Simply dial a secret 800# we will issue you. 1. Enter your pin. 2. Enter ANY Caller ID Number you wish to display. 3. Destination number. 4. Your call is connected using the specified Caller ID Number {Emphasis Added}

Please consider filing a complaint with the Federal Communications Commission. This has to be stopped before someone is hurt.

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