Friday, September 22, 2006

The Leaves Aren't the Only Things Changing

If you have been following Microsoft for any period of time, you have also been reading what Mary Jo Foley had to say at Microsoft Watch. As of two days ago, you will now be able to catch Mary Jo Foley at "ZDnet" where she is blogging "All About Microsoft". In her initial posting, Mary Jo wrote:
"On this new site, I will weigh in on Microsoft news of interest to businesses of all shapes and sizes. Expect to read about everything from Windows Vista and Office 2007, to Microsoft Dynamics and Microsoft “Live.”"
Perhaps more interesting is what she said in "Mary Jo Foley: The Exit Interview" at "Robert McLaws: FunWithCOding.NET - Windows Vista Edition":
". . . you can expect to see lots of Microsoft news, rumors, tips and pointers to the most interesting Microsoft stories of the day from all around the Web. I also have some other interesting new projects in the works, so stay tuned :)."
I am anticipating that this will be an interesting change and look forward to reading more on Mary Jo Foley's outlook, as evidenced by a recent post, "The pundits are wrong: Vista is moving full-steam ahead".


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