Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Garden Burst - Yes; VirusBurst - No!

A burst of color in the garden is a welcome surprise. Conversely, VirusBurst is not! In fact, it was only a few days ago that I provided background information on Rogues including VirusBurst, the latest rogue software. Based on the Google hits to that writeup, VirusBurst has not taken long to spread its curse among computer users.

As reported by Bleeping Computer today,
VirusBurst is picking up steam:

"Two new variants of the VirusBurst infector have been discovered today. These files when run on a computer will issue the fake security alerts and download/install VirusBurst onto your computer. The two new infectors are:

* C:\Windows\System32\gtpbx.dll
* C:\Windows\System32\duxzj.dll"

The good news, however is that help is available for removing VirusBurst and other rogues of a similar nature. As indicated in the Bleeping Computer blog, Beamerke's RogueScanFix was already updated to remove the new infectors.

Apparently, it isn't taking long for the new variants to make the rounds. No sooner had I finished providing removal instructions at Freedomlist than I discovered a log with that latest variant.

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