Sunday, September 10, 2006

Opposing Vista View

It seems that every time there are shrubs to be moved in our garden, my husband and I have opposing views on where they should be placed. It always takes us longer to pick out a location than to do the actual planting.

Most of the comments I have seen regarding the long-awaited Vista operating system have been positive. However, John Naughton certainly centerered on sensationalism in his article, "Why Vista will mean the end of the Microsoft monolith" in The Observer, published September 10, 2006. Some examples, the first being particularly irresponsible:

. . . Security vulnerabilities come free with all versions.
. . . But in Redmond, Washington, the Microsoft campus, the only sounds to be heard are of people muttering 'Never Again'. For the Vista story has turned out to be an interminable corporate nightmare.


It has left behind it a trail of corporate wreckage and prompted a major reorganisation of the company's senior management.


. . . while Microsoft engineers were trudging through their death march
While Mr. Naughton provided the pricing for the various Vista versions, he neglected to provide the upgrade prices. Thus, while the suggested retail price for the full package of Windows Vista Home Premium is $239.00 USD, the suggested upgrade retail price is $159.00 USD. (See Official Windows Vista Pricing).

Opposing views certainly make the world interesting.

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