Monday, May 18, 2009

Online-Armor Goes to the Top of the List

When recommending a free-for-personal-use software firewall in the forums, the list I previously provided was in alphabetical order. As of today, that list has been changed to place Online-Armor at the very top of the list. Why? It is simple. Mike Nash got my attention when he chose ethics over dollars.

If you are looking for a full-featured subscription firewall, I highly recommend Online-Armor (Product Features). As Bill Pytlovany asked: Would you like Toolbar with your Software Order? The answer is a resounding No! Support vendors like Mike Nash and Bill Pytlovany who choose ethics over dollars.
Note: Although since updated and better than ever, Scot Finnie named Online Armor 2.1 as the Best Firewall Software of 2008. Online-Armor has been reported as working well on Windows 7 RC.
I encourage Security Garden readers to read for yourself why Mike made the decision to forgo tens of thousands of dollars per month by declining the Ask toolbar. As you are reading Mike's article, pay particular attention to the key points that Mike observed kept getting repeated when considering the toolbar. They are some of the reasons why vendors that bundle the bar are out of favor:
  • Users do not expect a security tool to install unneeded items, even if that security tool is free.
  • Default opt-in is the only way people will install due to inattention, accident or trickery of wording.
  • Default opt-in is wrong.
  • Users place a lot of trust in security vendors. They are trusted to do the right thing. Do not abuse that trust.
  • Is it ethical to ask your users to install a product you would not install and use yourself?
Read for yourself why Online-Armor made it to the top of the recommended list: Ask Toolbar in Online Armor Free? Nearly...

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Maik said...

"Online-Armor Goes to the Top of the List". And rightly so. Great firewall, pretty easy to use. And no hassles!