Thursday, May 28, 2009

The sound of found: Bing!

As you can see with a glance to the right, I removed the Live Search image and replaced it with the brand new logo for Bing, the new Microsoft search engine.
Discover Bing
Making the top trends in Twitter today has been the sound of Bing. In fact, that is the idea behind the title of the introduction to Bing at the Live Search blog:
"Why did we pick Bing as the new brand name? We needed a brand that was as fresh and new as our approach. It needed to be like the product — optimized for the Internet. A name that was memorable, short, easy to spell, and that would function well as a URL around the world. We like Bing because it sounds off in our heads when we think about that moment of discovery and decision making — when you resolve those important tasks. And frankly, the name needed to clearly communicate that this is something new, to invite you to come back, to re-introduce you to our new and improved service and encourage you to give it a try."
Learn more about Bing at Why Bing?.

Update: Listen to Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak in Woz Bing! Apple Co Founder a "Big Fan" of Microsofts New Search Engine


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Harsh said...

Another new release from Microsoft, I hope this time they will manage to keep the hype they are creating

Corrine said...

All vendors create hype when they release a new product. It is just that Microsoft is larger than most vendors so the noise is louder.

That said, even Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak was impressed. Check the link above.

Anonymous said...

I really hope it is good. But, as I have repeatedly been disappointed by highly touted new search engines, I remain skeptical.

While Google is far from perfect, it is still much, much better than any other search engine (for general searches), IMO. On the rare occasion when I don't find what I am looking for with a Google search, I try the others. I don't believe any of the major engines has ever helped me find something when Google failed.

I'll keep an open mind, of course. Let's hope it doesn't turn out to be really "cuil".

-Brian (AKA The Dean)