Monday, May 11, 2009

Symantec Support Screws Up Again!

This one takes the cake! Symantec support apparently is not familiar with industry products. If they were, the support representative described in this post by WinPatrol developer and Microsoft MVP, Bill Pytlovany, certainly would have recognized WinPatrol on their customer's computer. Still further, the representative would not have charged the customer $99 for uninstalling what is, in my opinion, the best Windows monitoring software program in the industry.

As Bill Pytlovany wrote when he reported the incident in Symantec Support says WinPatrol is a Virus:
"Apparently Symantec is having tough economic times. They’ve even dishonored themselves by partnering with to generate additional revenue at the expense of their customers."
Is it any wonder why myself and others consider Symantec unreliable and untrustworthy?

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Noah Edwardsen said...

Hi Corrine,

I wanted to let you know that we've been in touch with Bill Pytlovany and have reached out to the original customer who called support.

Symantec does not classify WinPatrol as a threat, and we're actively investigating this customer's experience to learn more about why the support agent provided incorrect information and to ensure it doesn't happen again.


Noah Edwardsen

Corrine said...

Thank you for the update, Noah.

To Security Garden Readers:

Noah Edwardsen is Public Relations Specialist at Symantec.

This support fiasco as well as the report by PC Mag in Symantec Support Gone Rogue along with the IAC/Ask association have apparently damaged Symantec's reputation. It is too bad because the Norton Internet Security 2009 package had been receiving rave reviews.

Basil (aka gr277) said...

I suppose a Symantec Public Relations Specialist's job is in some respects similar to the UK's Honourable (??) Member of Parliament. You just never believe what they say.....or am I wrong??