Thursday, May 14, 2009

Google currently falls short

In a carefully documented report, Ben Edelman, a well known and respected security expert, reveals how Google and its partners
  • intercede to divert traffic that would have reached advertisers' sites directly -- without advertisers incurring any advertising expense.
  • pass the traffic back to the advertisers users were trying to reach -- but only after collecting pay-per-click advertising fees.
Also demonstrated is what appears to be conveniently overlooking Google's "Software Principles" requirements for their WhenU and IAC partners.

See how
  • WhenU Covers Advertisers' Sites with Advertisers' Own Google Ads
  • IAC's SmileyCentral Grab Advertisers' Organic Traffic to Show Google Ads
  • Typosquatting:, MediaLogik, and Thousands More Intercept Users' Misspellings to Show Google Ads
  • Google Chrome Suggestions Divert Users from Direct Navigation to Search
in How Google and Its Partners Inflate Measured Conversion Rates and Inflate Advertisers' Costs.

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If you want to install Foxit Reader without any toolbar, see Donna's Security Flash dated May 13 ...