Saturday, March 21, 2009

Symantec Ask/IAC "Safe Search" Update

After reading the Safe Search update by Rowan Trollope, Symantec Senior Vice President, and the eloquent response by Don Hanson my response to Safe Search update, I was prepared to write an explanation about why I still cannot recommend Symantec products. However, I could not have explained it half as well as my friend Donna Buenaventura did in the discussion thread at Calendar Of Updates.

You too will have a better understanding of why I feel as I do about Symantec products after reading the references. There are other excellent vendors who do not need to resort to relationships with third-parties in order to sell their product. I encourage Symantec customers to consider a different vendor for their security software. In fact, Avira has launched its new Version. See for information.

I suggest you start with the first article and follow through the list, being absolutely certain not to miss Donna's posts.

  1. Rowan Trollope: Safe Search update
  2. Don Hanson: my response to Safe Search update
  3. Calendar of Updates: Safe Search update

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