Sunday, March 15, 2009

Introducing WinPatrol 2009

Bill Pytlovany has done it yet again. Somehow he has made a great program even better by adding even more helpful features to WinPatrol. Although WinPatrol 2009 is compatible with all Microsoft operating systems, it was specifically designed to work with Windows 7.

WinPatrol is free for personal use and WinPatrol PLUS is available for a one-time $29.95 charge.

Following is a description of the additions to WinPatrol 2009.


One of my favorite additions to WinPatrol is the "Recent" tab. Although WinPatrol provides when a service, hidden file or registry entry are first detected, Recent places the information together on one screen so you can see at a glance what is added when installing a new program. (Thanks again to WinVistaClub member alsiladka for the suggestion. See WinPatrol Beta Update With New Feature!)

Monitor UAC Settings

Just as WinPatrol notifies you if there are changes to your Windows Update settings, monitors Windows User Account Control (UAC) settings. In the event malware attempts to change the settings, click "Yes" and WinPatrol will prevent the change.

Windows 7 and User Access Control

There are two versions of the small WinPatrol monitor component. One requires UAC permission, one does not.

Initially, the non-UAC version will run so you don’t have a UAC alert every time you reboot. If however, a change is detected and WinPatrol needs permissions we’ll swap the WinPatrol monitor with the one which requires UAC.

Lets user know that UAC access is required

This dialog will only be seen by Vista and Windows 7 machines with UAC activated. It will only occur once and only if needed."

Hide Alerts

With Hide Alerts, you can configure WinPatrol so that alert messages are hidden from users. The "Hide Alert Messages" is only available to WinPatrol PLUS subscribers (remember a WinPatrol PLUS subscription is a one-time charge with no annual renewal fees). The Hide Alerts feature also includes the option to ignore “RunOnce” changes to the registry.

To access Hide Alert Messages, launch WinPatrol and click the Options tab. The new feature is available via the button on the left next to "Lock File Types". This feature is helpful recommended if there are multiple users on the computer.

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Anonymous said...

Great to hear that Corrine. Shows I am no coder. I thought while it was still in Beta you would not be able to write much for it. I guess at this point not much is going to change besides ironing out some bugs on Microsoft's end.