Thursday, March 12, 2009

Shake, Rattle and Log'N'Rock

What happens when there is a bit of a shake-up at an on-line forum? The results could be disastrous. In this situation, it was just the opposite. After a bit of shake, rattle and roll* Log'N'Rock was born. For the back-end story on how this evolved, see the Log'N'Rock Blog post linked below. In the meantime, allow me to tell you what is shakin' at Log'N'Rock.

As a bit of background, I have known the Administrators at Log'N'Rock for many years. Having known Rawe from several other security help forums, he invited me to the original BFC site to offer any suggestions on its development when it opened. I stopped in periodically over the years and got to participate in the excitement in the move to Log'N'Rock.

Other Admins include fellow Microsoft MVP's who go by Jasper the Rasper and Roddy32 on the forums. The show is kept running on schedule by ColdinCbus who also keeps Log'N'Rock's sister site, Calendar of Updates running smoothly.

The "Rock Stars in Computer Security" at Log’N’Rock are dedicated to helping users with computer issues as well as providing education about Computer Security. Although the main focus of the site is Malware Removal & Computer Security related matters, other help offered includes software, operating systems as well as internet browsers. New tutorials are being added to both the Windows Tutorials and Guides and the Security Tutorials & Guides forums.

The team at Log'N'Rock has had a lot of fun providing a new twist for a security help site. The name evolved from member suggestions. From there, the fun took off -- from the header, "Log'N'Rock, Rockstars in Computer Security" to forum names, such as Log'N'Fix, Rockin' The Web and First Aid Tent. Instead of the typical "user ranks" found at most forums, member titles include Garage rocker, Log'N'Rocker, Hardcore Rocker, Oldie Rocker, and Mick Jagger.

Clever forum names and fun user titles are a small part of the changes made in the evolution to Log'N'Rock. The rattle part of shake, rattle and roll resulted in adding additional forums.
  • Rockbot's New Office -- Rockbot posts news from various popular RSS feeds.
  • Microsoft Updates Forum -- This is where you can find the monthly updates, bulletins, and advisories. The forum will also include new updates for popular Microsoft programs when they are released at the download center.
  • AntiMalware Specialty Tools and Scanners -- This is a subforum of the Security Software forum and includes current information about various Anti-Malware Specialty Tools and Scanners to choose from to keep your computer both secure and private.
  • Polls -- Although just added, the members are getting into discussions about the poll topics.
If you are having computer problems, expert assistance by trained staff is available at Log'N'Rock for removing malware, computer viruses, trojans, and the like. The help provided is free of charge, although a thank you and a smile are always welcome. Even if you are not having a problem with your computer, stop in the Rockin' Lounge to say, “Hi”.

Take me to Log'N'Rock

Should you be looking for the BFC founder, Tazz1964 started a new site at ZetaBoards, linked below.


*"Shake, Rattle and Roll" Lyrics by Charles E. Calhoun, original recording by Big Joe Turner in 1954, followed by recordings and lyric modifications by numerous other recording stars.

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