Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Win a Kodak OLED Wireless Photo Frame!

Would you like to win a Kodak OLED wireless photo frame (worth around 800$)? The folks at OLED-Info would love to give you one if you are the winner of the contest. The Kodak photo frame has a 7.6" AMOLED display, 800x480 resolution and a contrast ratio of 30,000:1 (made by CMEL). It has built-in Wi-Fi, 2GB of storage and accepts USB drives or memory cards.

Details for entering the contest are available at OLED-Info Kodak Photo frame contest.

Not familiar with OLED? These days, LCD monitors, camera and cell phone displays are fairly commonplace. However, you may well find a different image in the future -- OLED, organic light emitting diode.

Seeing is believing and if you have not seen an OLED screen, you may want to watch the first few minutes of the video below. (If you are like me, you will enjoy the full 15 minutes.) The contrast between an LCD screen and an OLED screen is, as described in the video, "Kodak OLED - From Any Angle",
"Bold, bright and beautiful. From any angle, the future belongs to Kodak OLED, the enabler of the future display industry."
You have a chance to be part of that future today and own your own Kodak OLED Wireless Photo Frame! There are three ways to enter. Check out the details at OLED-Info Kodak Photo frame contest. The contest is open to world-wide participants.

About the video:
Kodak Organic Light Emitting Diode: "Kodak OLED - From Any Angle" video shows a recent overview of Kodak's key technical advancements, cutting edge Kodak OLED products, and an in-depth discussion from some of Kodak's OLED leadership team on how Kodak's efforts will continue to enable the OLED industry from within both the solid state lighting and flat panel display markets.


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