Tuesday, June 24, 2008

NebuAd/Claria (Gator) In the Blogosphere

When I spotted the latest Certified Bug blog posting in my RSS feeds, I quickly followed the link to read about NebuAd and Claria (Gator) connection. The initial attraction wasn't to NebuAd but rather seeing Gator in the title that really caught my attention. The reason is in the earlier days of providing help in the forums, I dealt primarilly in an area dealing with privacy. "Converting Gator" was one of the topics of information I would provide the user if I saw Gator in their log. I still have the instructions, last edited 25 February 2004:
Claria/Gator tracks the sites that you visit and forwards that data back to the company's servers. Gator sells the use of this information to advertisers.

If you installed and are or were using Gator to store your information, you may be interested in looking into RoboForm. You can import your Gator data to it. Check this out Convert your Claria/Gator before you remove Claria/Gator.
I haven't spotted Gator in logs that I review in a very long time. Thus, my surprise to see the latest information at Certified Bug. It is a interesting story. I suggest starting at NebuAd and Claria (Gator) connection where you will get both the background information as well as links to other stories on this topic. Happy reading!

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