Friday, June 13, 2008

Attention AVG and SpywareBlaster Users

As reported at Wilders Security Forums by Javacool, the developer of Spyware Blaster and the other wonderful Javacool software programs, "sbautoupdate.exe" is a legitimate component of SpywareBlaster 4.1. AVG is detecting "sbautoupdate.exe" as a trojan.
The legitimate sbautoupdate.exe file is digitally signed by "Javacool Software LLC", and has the following checksums:

MD5: 5D0E5821EB35CDA9C320C1BDF1A4B695
SHA1: 62B09B3503C05A3CC853BB8BDFCC8292FD200E53
Although originally reported at C|Net that the detection of "C:\Program Files\SpywareBlaster\sbautoupdate.exe" as a trojan was correct, Javacool recently indicated at Wilders that AVG has informed them that a fix will be pushed out for the false-positive detection in a new virus database update. Be sure to keep checking AVG for new updates.

Visit Javacool Software to learn more about Spyware Blaster and EULAlyzer.

Hat tip: Donna at CoU

Update 14JUN08:


AVG has just released the 270.3.0/1502 virus update.

As of this update, the false detection issue with "sbautoupdate.exe" is resolved.

If you continue to see "sbautoupdate.exe" detected as a virus by AVG, please update your AVG anti-virus database.

If AVG has already mistakenly detected and removed sbautoupdate.exe, you can resolve the problem by updating AVG and then:

1.) Reinstalling SpywareBlaster 4.1


2.) Restoring the deleted file from the AVG Vault:

AVG 7.5
- Open AVG Virus Vault (Start -> Programs -> AVG 7.5 -> AVG Virus
- Locate the file that was incorrectly removed (by default: "C:\Program Files\SpywareBlaster\sbautoupdate.exe")
- Right click on it and choose the "Restore File(s)" option.

AVG 8.0
- Open AVG User Interface.
- Choose the "Virus Vault" option from the "History" menu.
- Select the false positive file (one click) (by default: "C:\Program Files\SpywareBlaster\sbautoupdate.exe")
- Click on the "Restore" button.

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