Friday, June 20, 2008

Microsoft Malware Protection Center (MMPC) Blog

If you are looking for the Anti-Malware Engineering Team blog, they have moved. In fact, not only have they moved, but they have a refreshing new look and a more fitting title: Microsoft Malware Protection Center Blog (MMPC). Vinny Gullotto introduced the team in the initial post:
"The MMPC is the team that builds Microsoft’s anti-malware and ant-spyware tools and technologies; you’ll find our work powers all of Microsoft’s antimalware and antispyware tools and products such as the Forefront suite of products and Windows Live OneCare as well as in free tools and utilities such as the Malicious Software Removal Tool (MSRT), Windows Defender (built into Windows Vista) and the Windows Live OneCare safety scanner."
To top it off, it looks as though Matt McCormack will be a regular contributor at MMPC, continuing from his initial post to tell us Taterf – all your drives are belong to me!!!1!one! In addition to providing information on Taterf, Matt's post includes a special message to all you gamers:
"As a PC gamer (RPGs and First Person Shooters on consoles just seems wrong to me...), and somewhat of a performance junkie myself, I get why many gam0rz don’t run AV. But seriously, a good AV product shouldn’t affect your FPS that much (if you’re chronically being pwned, don’t blame your AV and FPS - just l2p). Also, many gamers are in a higher risk category – downloading dodgy copies of games and the cracks to match, make you much more likely to get infected (NEWSFLASH: Not all cracks are actually cracks)."
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