Monday, May 26, 2008

Comodo Disappointment

Well known Calendar of Updates has added yet another vendor to the list of discontinued updates. Comodo has joined the company of Zone Labs and Webroot of including the Ask Toolbar pre-checked for installation with Comodo Firewall Comodo's installation of the Ask Toolbar is under the guise of the Comodo SafeSurf toolbar.

If you are updating Comodo, you will not see the option to install the toolbar. However with a full install or reinstall, it is necessary to UNcheck BOTH the Toolbar and Home page.

Seeing as how I updated the Vista Compatible Firewalls listing today, I will add a warning about the toolbar to the entry.

Update: Bad Advice from Comodo and Loss of Trust

Edit Note: Due to the loss of the original documents at CoU, refer to the newly-linked Installer's Hall of Shame for products that include dodgy installers.


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Anonymous said...

This is a real shame. I considered Comodo above this sort of thing, until recently.

First of all, they engage in a relationship with PCSecurityShield, a company with a history of sleazy marketing. Then this.

While it may be true that more and more companies are going this route, that doesn't make it a good practice.

Shame on Comodo.

-Brian (The Dean)

Corrine said...

I couldn't agree more, Brian. It appears that yet again the almighty dollar wins out over ethics.

I see three issues here --

first, I have yet to see a redemption of IAC/Ask from their questionable practices;

second, using the name "SafeSurf", the toolbar is presented under false pretenses as some sort of security feature; and

third, the toolbar is pre-checked rather than presented as an opt-in.

Anonymous said...

On the ethic part I do agree, but the term 'safesurf' is really a security feature. The toolbar has a built in BO (buffer overflow) protection. This protection will still protect you from drive-by downloads even if you disable the toolbar. I have nothing against comodo trying to make additional money while protecting users. Note that the software developers also have to eat.

I think the problem people have is with
Moreover, usually people don't associate good things with the term "toolbar".

Anyway it is just an option, and if you even install it, you do not need to use it yet still being protected.

Another false information circulating on the Internet is that you will only have BO protection if you install the toolbar, so you are forced to it. This is NOT true, as there is an application named 'Comodo memory firewall' which protects against BO's in all applications while the same technology built in the toolbar only protects the browser. The reason behind this is that the memory firewall is still under development, and some have issues with it.

Unknown said...

Just a thought. If business was good.If things were fine. Then Comodo might not have a problem.

But, being as they are in the UK, where property prices have hit a brick wall. Given that almost any investment that Mehli could make ha been hit by a 50% drop in value.

Then I might begin to understand.

It is rare indeed, the wannabe billionaire who can openly admit that they have a major problem.

So, the idea was good, the implementation was good.

But sub-prime has killed the turkey.

And Mehli won't admit it. He's
been crucified. Everything he counted on has evaporated.

My guess, good guess.