Saturday, May 03, 2008

Protect Yourself or a Friend from Phishing & Fraud

I have published quite a few posts on phishing since starting this blog. If you are a regular reader, you may have seen some of the previous posts and think to yourself, ok, nothing new here. Wait, please. Before you move on to another website, please
Think about your favorite aunt or the nice gentleman who lives next door. Has anyone explained to them about phishing? Perhaps not.
or consider
Are you the "family computer fixer"? You know who you are -- the person in the family that all the cousins, nieces and nephews call when they are having a problem with their computer. Do they understand phishing? Perhaps not.
Don't take a chance that your family or friends might fall for a phish and suffer possible financial loss and/or identity theft. Explain to them how serious the problem has become as well as how clever the phishers are these days.

Microsoft published a series of articles, individually linked below, on how to protect yourself from phishing and fraud. Use the information there to educate your family and friends and to refresh your own knowledge. If you volunteer at a community center or youth group consider making a presentation on phishing. You could show the FTC videos on phishing on YouTube at

How to help avoid phishing scams

How to recognize a phishing scam
Use technology to protect yourself from phishing and fraud

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