Saturday, May 24, 2008

Fraudulent sales of avast! products

Since AVG updated their product, I have heard of quite a few people switching to avast! If you are considering a switch, please be aware that avast! has learned of a number of locations participating in the fraudulent selling of their products.
"The web sites are mostly offering keys to our free Home Edition product, but not in all cases, though charging users as though it were for our paid-for Professional Edition, or, when email "invoices" are received by customers, there is no mention of avast! Instead a list of programs is usually offered that the customer has never heard of, let alone agreed to buy."
ALWIL Software has provided a list of site names that are not authorized resellers of their product. See Fraudulent sales of avast! products.

To select and purchase a licensed copy of avast! go to the Desktop Solutions page.

Note: avast! 4 Home Edition is available free for personal use.

via DP's Security Bits

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