Thursday, June 14, 2007

Windows Vista Help Topics

Although I have been occupied with other things of late, I have continued to both seek new sites with helpful information for Windows Vista users as well as useful tutorials.

The latest additions to the Windows Vista tutorials provided by Vista4Beginners encompass Instant Search and have been bookmarked .
  1. Understanding Instant Search
  2. How to Improve Instant Search
  3. How to Customize the Start Menu Search Box
You can return to those tutorials in the Search section of Features and Tutorials.

A new find is SimpleHelp. I learned about it from a friend at LandzDown Forum. This friend provides remote help for family members and found the Screenshot Simulations at SimpleHelp invaluable. I contacted Ross McKillop, webmaster and tutorial writer at SimpleHelp and suggested several tutorials for Windows Vista. His response was almost immediate and the tutorials have started to appear, beginning with this Windows Vista firewall tutorial, added to Vista Security Features.I think Windows Vista users will also appreciate these screenshot simulations from SimpleHelp, added to Windows Vista Bookmarks Mail, Features & Tutorials and IE7 pages:
Watch for more bookmarks coming from these two excellent sites, Vista4Beginners and SimpleHelp.

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