Sunday, June 03, 2007

Windows Vista Experiences

It was a couple weeks ago already that I reported The "WOW" Finally Arrived At My Door! At the time, I initially planned on installing WinPatrol and ESET NOD32 and start transferring files. After a short time thinking it over, I decided that I didn't want to stay with the OEM operating system (Windows Vista Home Premium) since OEM is all I've ever had.

I really wanted to give Windows Vista Ultimate (64 bit) a go. Unfortunately, there is very little competition in my area for broadband connections, with one DSL and one cable option. Without the competition, the service providers charge top dollar. So, at this point, I am staying with dialup. Thus the problem -- no 64 bit driver for the modem. That meant going with 32 bit.

Installation was a breeze -- easier than some software programs I've installed in the past. Microsoft has definitely perfected the process. The first thing I did after completing the install was as planned. I installed WinPatrol and ESET NOD32, then set up my dial-up connection to start downloading updates.

One of the really nice features of Windows Vista is the enhanced Security Center. I really like the interface, particularly being able to check Installed Updates (located at Control Panel\Programs\Programs and Features\Installed Updates).

Since UAC (User Account Control) is such a "hot topic" among so many people, I'll add my two cents. Personally, I like it. I have always wanted to know what is happening on my computer so for me, it is no problem taking the extra second to acknowledge the UAC prompts when I am removing a folder or copying a file to a different location.

I am still experimenting as well as discovering "must have" files from my old XP box. My first reaction, however, is that Windows Vista is much more intuitive than previous Windows operating systems. So far, I like it a lot!


Prab said...

I had the same initial reaction, but now after running it for 2 months and 4 BSODs later, I want XP back. I don't have any strange software or drivers installed. Even worse, when it turns blue, its not even text. Its just scrambled blue with little white blobs. Hope your experiance stays better than mine.

BTW, High speed is worth the premium dollar. Once you switch you can never go back.

Anonymous said...

Dial up? You're still using dial up? I can't imagine life without high speed internet. Get with the program gramps