Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Amero Granted New Trial!

"Julie Amero leaves the New London courthouse this morning escorted by her husband, Wes Volle, left, and Todd Fernow, the head of the Legal Clinic at the University of Connecticut Law School."

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Today Superior Court Judge Hillary B. Strackbein overturned the conviction of Julie Amero on four counts of risk of injury to a minor resulting from pornographic pop-ups appearing on a classroom computer. Judge Strackbein ruled that the expert computer witness presented by the prosecution, provided "erroneous" testimony about the classroom computer.

In the report at, it is indicated that the Assistant State's Attorney David Smith said
"state would take no position on Dow's motion for a new trial, making it unlikely she will be tried again. Smith also acknowledged that erroneous information about the computer was presented during trial."
I sincerely hope that if the State of Connecticut does indeed determine that a new trial is unnecessary, the decision is made quickly. I also hope that other schools and public facilities providing internet access have learned a lesson about proper computer maintenance from this case that has dearly cost Julie Amero and her family.

In addition to the many articles below and Fox Video clip, those following this story will want to read the SunbeltBLOG where Alex Eckelberry shared
Some comments on the Julie Amero case. In particular, Alex acknowledged the work done by the forensic team that worked on the case on a pro bono basis and included recognition of work done by others, also stating:
This event was a testament to the power of a community of people coming together in a common cause.


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