Monday, June 11, 2007

Moving Forward: "The Julie Group"

While the nightmare that Julie Amero and her family have endured over the past three years may soon be drawing to a close, like all nightmares, there will likely be flashbacks. As we wait for the State of Connecticut to make a final determination on whether they will pursue a new trial for Julie, efforts are under way for Making sure what happened to Julie...doesn't happen again.

In his blog post Alex asks:
"How many of you working for corporations have been to mandatory sexual harassment training every year? But how many of you have been to a company security training?"
Both are mandatory training requirements where I work. However, I am in a corporate environment that not only emphasizes strong employee values but also has a solid backbone supporting the corporate network. While such efforts may be in place in large corporate environments, smaller companies, including school systems, as well as places with rapid employee turnover most likely do not have the same resources.

Thus, the formation of The Julie Group, comprised of the same experts who provided pro bono assistance to Julie Amero. The purpose of the website is to address similar issues faced by Julie and others who get trapped in the injustices of legal system. As described at Region 19 BOE Gazette:
"Education will be a big subject. Preventative computing practices that minimize exposure to inappropriate content will be endorsed. Educational materials for use in schools will be examined and recommended.

Lawyers looking to offer pro bono services might drop in to see what we're up to and recommending as worthy causes.

Police and enforcement agencies will find the Julie Group receptive to offering independent second opinions of cyber-crime cases."
There is a world of ignorance surrounding the enigma referred to as "the 'net". Laws are archiac or too broad when considering the effects of expired antivirus software, an infected email attachment, a drive-by download, or a mirad of other events that could infect a computer of an unsuspecting computer user.

If you or someone you know know has been impacted similarly to Julie Amero, refer them to The Julie Group.


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