Monday, May 07, 2007

"You've Got Mail"

Yes, Microsoft said "you've got mail". The question is what mail?

Windows Live Hotmail

After some confusing renaming, it appears the evolution is complete from MSN Hotmail --> Windows Live Mail --> Windows Live Hotmail.

Read about all of the new Windows Live Hotmail features in the announcement,
Microsoft Launches Windows Live Hotmail Worldwide.

For help and support with Windows Live Hotmail, go to the Email Support Space, described as the official technical support site for MSN Hotmail, Windows Live Hotmail and Windows Live Mail (32-bit client). (What about 64-bit machines?)

Windows Live Mail

A bit more confusing is the announcement of the name change for Windows Live Mail Desktop to Windows Live Mail. From what I have ascertained, Windows Live Mail will eventually incorporate the features from OE, Windows Mail and Windows Live Mail desktop.

To follow the developments and provide feedback, visit the new Windows Live Mail (client) Support Team Space:
"Welcome to customers of Windows Live Mail (desktop), and welcome to customers who are considering a migration from Outlook Express 6 and/or Windows Mail (Vista). Your client support team has built this site so we can keep you aware of late-breaking announcements, ask for your assistance when we're troubleshooting emerging issues, and finally request feedback on various issues involving the client."
Help and support for Windows Live Mail is available by submitting a Support Incident.

See the Windows Live Mail blog for general update information.

Confused? It will all fall in to place eventually. In the meantime, be sure you have updated Mozilla Thunderbird to 2.0.

To help you keep track of these pages plus the Beta mail programs, a new Windows Mail page has been added to Windows Vista Bookmarks.

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