Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Google Introduces Online Security Blog

Google has introduced a new blog in their repertoire, Google Online Security Blog, supported by their Anti-Malware Team.

Their first bit of advice is sound, particularly in providing a link to Webmasters on how to clean and secure a website:
"Guidelines on safe browsing
First and foremost, enable automatic updates for your operating system as well your browsers, browser plugins and other applications you are using. Automatic updates ensure that your computer receives the latest security patches as they are published. We also recommend that you run an anti-virus engine that checks network traffic and files on your computer for known malware and abnormal behavior. If you want to be really sure that your system does not become permanently compromised, you might even want to run your browser in a virtual machine, which you can revert to a clean snapshot after every browsing session.

Webmasters can learn more about cleaning, and most importantly, keeping their sites secure at StopBadware.org's Tips for Cleaning and Securing a Website."
There is no doubt when reviewing the analytics of my blogs that Google search is without a doubt the most widely used. As a result, the more security aware Google staff, the better for us. One helpful feature is the identification of sites that may install malicious software on your computer through the use of the annotation, "This site may harm your computer.", followed by a large warning if the link is clicked.

I have added the site to my list of RSS feeds and will certainly pass along interesting tidbits.

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