Sunday, May 13, 2007

Forever and ever and ever. . .

When my son was young, he would frequently tell me that he was going to stay with me "forever and ever and ever." I would suggest that when he grew up, he would want to have his own home. He would always reply in the negative, repeating that he was going to stay with me "forever and ever and ever."

Several years ago my son purchased his own home. My daughter's employer relocated her family to a location 1,000 miles away. So, on this Mother's Day, I reflect on the many images of my children growing up -- their first steps, my daughter's first sentence -- half English, half Ukrainian, my son as a toddler enchanted with hats, their many school activities, awards and achievements, all leading to the time when they would be adults, making their own path in life. Needless to say, I am very proud of them.

Even though my children are grown and have their own lives to follow, with very divergent paths, I now know my son was right. Beyond the remembrances and cards from both of them for Mother's Day, the magic words, "I love you, Mom" assures me that both of my children will remain with me forever -- forever in my heart.

orever and ever and ever.

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