Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Vista, Windows Calendar and UAC Tutorials

I delayed adding the three-part "Windows Calendar" tutorial preapred by Vista4Beginners because I had not decided on the bookmark category to place the links. Now that I have created the new Windows Mail page, it occurred to me that calendar would be a nice accompanyment.

As a result, the new bookmark page has been renamed "Windows Mail and Calendar" where you can find
The complete guide to the Windows Calendar by Vista4Beginners bookmarked. I also added several other Vista Windows Calendar bookmarks that you may find useful.

Today, Vista4Beginners added another helpful tutorial, "Manager User Accounts". The tutorial illustrates how simple it is to create a new user account, change the account type, password, and more. This tutorial, along with several others on UAC and other security features of Windows Vista, can be found bookmarked at Vista Security Features.

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