Saturday, May 12, 2007

Windows Vista Search

I started writing this the other day when Nick White posted the first segment in the Windows Vista Team Blog highlighting advanced searching in Windows Vista. Knowing he was going to add another part to the piece, I held off publishing.

Now that Part II has been posted, below is a brief synopsis of
Putting advanced searches to work for you and Searching, part II: Using Search Folders along with additional links collected.

All links have been bookmarked in Features and Tutorials.

  • Explorers (Microsoft)
    In the new Explorers, the menus, toolbars, Navigation Pane, Task Pane, and Preview Pane have all merged into a single intuitive interface that's consistent across all of Windows Vista.
  • Using Search Folders (Advanced Search) (MSDN Blog)
    Examples of using Search Folders. Be sure to read the additional information in the comments.

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