Monday, December 04, 2006

ZD Net Gets a Face Lift + Predictions for 2007

Have you visited ZDNet Blogs today? There has been a bit of redecorating, with a nice new fresh look about the place.

While you are there, why not leave your Microsoft prediction for 2007 in Mary Jo Foley's Let the 2007 Microsoft prediction season officially begin. Her full set of Microsoft predictions for 2007 can be found in RedmondMag.

My predictions -- just a few and nothing earth-shattering:

  • The open source debate is far from over. Repercussions will vibrate around the net over that issue for some time, questioning the patent process as well, resulting in patent infringement lawsuits being filed.
  • Zune will pick up a bit of the market share after the Vista release but will not be enough to inflict any pain on iPod sales.
  • Vista sales will double in the second half of 2007 from the January-June sales.

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