Friday, December 15, 2006

Google Patent Search

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Spotted this addition to Google's latest search "portfolio" over at SunbeltBLOG. Having worked with people in the Patent area for many years, I am sure they will find this interesting.

By the way, Patent Friends, Garett Rogers at ZD Net would like to know if Google Patents will make the job easier for patent lawyers. Apparently he doesn't realize that (1) the patent lawyers rely on someone else to obtain the patent copies and (2) there has been services for obtaining patent copies for many years, some free while others are fee-based.

One nice feature I observed is that it is easy to copy/paste the text from the patents in Google Patent. That will at least make it easier when quoting portions of patents the "Description of the Prior Art".

This is what a friend who has "been in the business" for many years had to say about Google Patent:
"Interesting. Nice search page. Nothing "new and improved" though."
It doesn't sound as though Google should bother running to the USPTO with this feature.

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