Friday, December 08, 2006

Bad Practices Continue at Zango

Anyone who follows "Paperghost" at Vital Security knows that Zango and their affiliates have not cleaned up their act since the proposed FTC Settlement with Zango. His reports of continued findings have not seemed to decline since the FTC proposal. The most recent example is the infamous Quick Time worm where the Zango content mysteriously disappeared, yet the Zango code remained. (See Vital Security References below.)

Paperghost isn't the only one reporting on continued Zango activity. Just a few days ago, Mike Burgess reported his discovery of a Zango site offering teen porn.

Today Ben Edelman and Eric Howes updated their "Bad Practices Continue at Zango, Notwithstanding Proposed FTC Settlement and Zango's Claims" report with a PDF containing their Additional Comments (link opens PDF). Their further comments add a rather disturbing twist to the process. Bottom line, will the FTC do anything about Zango content supplied by affiliates and not Zango per se? I agree with their recommendation that the FTC should require Zango to "disgorge all such profits it earned from these deceptive installations".

Vital Security References

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