Sunday, December 10, 2006

Foxit Reader 2.0 -- An Alternative to Adobe

Foxit Reader 2.0 is a free, smaller alternative to Adobe Reader 8 that may be of interest, particularly to users with an older computer. Foxit Reader 2.0 is compatible with Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/2003.

Critical add-ons are free while advanced add-ons are non-free. Free functions include:
  • View or print PDF document
  • Fill out PDF forms and save them
  • View PDF as text
  • Critical add-ons, such as UI language package, JPEG2000/JBIG decoder, CJK package, GDI+ for early Windows version, etc
Non-free, advanced add-ons include:
Foxit Information:
Reminder: If you have Adobe Reader/Adobe Acrobat version 7 or below, please update to version 8. See Adobe Reader and Adobe Acrobat 7 Security Update for Potential Vulnerabilities.

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Bob said...

Foxit reader is much faster than adobe reader. The extra add-ins are a bonus too. Only issue I rann into is the need to edit text. I discovered that PDF Readers can't usualy do this. I found an Acrobat alternative called Nitro PDF Professional It's cheap and I've found it to be very reliable...