Wednesday, November 21, 2007

WGA Improvements Announced

It appears that the difficulties experienced in August with Windows Vista validation issues were sufficiently disturbing to the WGA Team that changes are in the works. This is what the WGA Team has been doing and has lined up for improvements:

Operations, Tools and Processes
  • Changes have been made on how updates are rolled out to the back-end servers
  • Adding to and improving the tools used to make sure the infrastructure is solid
  • Revamped the monitoring that is used to track what is happening within the server infrastructure
  • Customer Support changes include implementation of world-wide live support:
    • 24x7 customer support in North America
    • Phone based technical support
    • Investigating implementation of 24x7 schedule for outside North America

    Note: Free support for WGA-related issues is provided worldwide


Considering the world-wide impact of a problem with the WGA servers, it certainly makes sense to conduct drills to test the processes in place for testing the processes in place.

Help for Victims

The WGA Team has also been making changes in how legalization kits are provided to people who have been duped into purchasing non-genuine copies of Windows operating systems.

See the full report by the WGA Team in Learning and Improving.

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