Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Scotty Is Back Where He Belongs!

It was the strangest thing and I do not understand why Windows Defender was blocking WinPatrol from startup. True enough, this evening when I started my computer, even with Windows Defender monitoring turned off, WinPatrol was still blocked. Although it doesn't make a lot of sense to me, this is what worked.

From the task bar, I selected "Run blocked program". After a restart, there was still no Scotty.

I was considering reinstalling WinPatrol but first navigated to the BillP Studios folder in Program Files; right-clicked on WinPatrol.exe and selected Run as Administrator. Another restart and still no Scotty. I went back to the BillP Studios folder, right-click on WinPatrol.exe and selected Properties > Compatibility. Run as Administrator was checked so I unchecked it. After another restart, there was Scotty! Just for the heck of it, I reactivated Windows Defender, and after another restart, Scotty was still there.

So what was the glitch? I don't believe that selecting Run as Administrator one time should have resulted in the box being checked nor in Windows Defender blocking it. Regardless, its good to have Scotty back.

Now will someone tell me how to get Windows Defender to change the status of WinPatrol and NOD32 to "Permitted"?

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Jcavebe said...

I had the same problem. Very, very frustrating.
What solved it for me was your first reaction: I did a clean uninstall of WinPatrol and then reinstalled. Scotty was back!
I've been using WinPatrol for years and love it.