Monday, November 05, 2007

Grrrr -- Windows Defender Blocked WinPatrol

Color me very angry!

I suddenly realized that Scotty was not sitting down in the task manager and started investigating. Sure enough, Windows Defender had blocked the WinPatrol System Monitor from startup. Windows Defender comes pre-installed with Windows Vista.

I don't know when that change occurred but will certainly take steps to correct it.

Software Explorer in Windows Defender shows WinPatrol as "not yet classified". Eset NOD32 is also shown "not yet classified" but hasn't been blocked. The option to "Enable" is grayed out, leaving only Remove or Disable, neither of which is acceptable.

I launched Windows Defender, selected Tools > Options and UNchecked monitor Autostart. I have WinPatrol to monitor startup and certainly don't want Windows Defender blocking my favorite software.

I did a shutdown/restart and WinPatrol was still blocked. I completely UNchecked "Use real-time protection" and did another shutdown/restart. WinPatrol was still blocked. Unfortunately I ran out of time but will investigate further this evening.

Watch for a solution, because I will certainly find one! "Scotty the Windows Watchdog" is an important piece of my security package.

Remember - "A day without laughter is a day wasted."
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Anonymous said...

"User Account Control prevents programs that require permission or an administrator password from running automatically when Windows starts." That really sucks, but I think I'm just going to disable it anyway.

Corrine said...

I solved the problem and even though I practice "safe surfing", I will keep UAC activated.