Sunday, August 26, 2007

Windows Vista Validation Issue Fixed

As I was reading new blog posts in my RSS feed this morning, I came across a somewhat alarming entry at Certified Bug, by fellow MVP Tashi indicating
"Microsoft’s WGA server went down August 24th 2007, and installations were being flagged as counterfeit because they could not be validated."
As Tashi and I are in different time zones, I hoped that by this morning the problem had been rectified. Heading to the Windows Genuine Advantage blog, I found and update by Alex:
"We've been receiving reports on our forum and through customer service starting last night that Windows Vista validations have been failing on genuine systems. It looks now as though the issue has been resolved and validations are being processed successfully.

Customers who received an incorrect validation response can fix their system by revalidating on our site ( We encourage anyone who received a validation failure since Friday evening to do this now. After successfully revalidating any affected system should be rebooted to ensure the genuine-only features are restored."

Update 28 August 2007
  • See: Windows Genuine Advantage Team Blog post, Update on Validation Issues

    "This validation failure did not result in the 30-day grace period starting and no one went into reduced functionality mode as a result. The experience of a system that failed validation in this instance was that some features intended for use only on genuine systems were temporarily unavailable. Those features were Windows Aero, ReadyBoost, Windows Defender (which still scanned and identified all threats, but cleaned only the severe ones), and Windows Update (only optional updates were unavailable; security and other critical updates remained available). Also, the desktop message about failed validation appeared. And as I indicated, these features return to normal and the desktop message disappears when an affected system is revalidated at our site."

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