Thursday, August 02, 2007

Announcing WinPatrol 2007, Version 12

It looks as though I have returned to town just in time to help celebrate the newest update to WinPatrol, including the return of Scotty's bark to Windows Vista. As shown on the left, a new Scotty the Windows Watchdog image inside his own Orb has been used. This image will provide added visibility of Scotty for Windows Vista users with the default dark theme.

What else is new in Version 12? Bill Pytlovany has added two additional reports that will assist WinPatrol users in evaluating what is on their computer(s).
  1. HijackPatrol Log
    The new HijackPatrol Log button on the options screen will create and display a style of output familiar to many online helpers. HiJackPatrol.logs aren't exact duplicates of the popular HijackThis log or meant to replace them but the format should be familiar. HijackPatrol logs will also contain additional information which is routinely monitored by WinPatrol.

  2. SpreadSheet Log
    Important details will be output in a CSV(Comma Separated Value) format popular with spreadsheets and many database programs. WinPatrol users will be able to sort all their system data in any format they want.
Also improved in Version 12 is additional information such as File Type Associations and Hidden file locations in the WinPatrol System Monitor:


What's New and Download Link: WinPatrol 2007, Version 12
Compare WinPatrol Free / WinPatrol Plus: Why Plus?

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Bill Pytlovany said...

Thanks, Corrine,
I recall you had a problem with Scotty finding where you hid your Netscape cookies.
Have you checked with the new version?

Corrine said...

Yes, I have checked and even confirmed that Scotty was sniffing his way to the cookie location in my FF profile. I suspect it may be tied to some fiddling I did with my FF profile.

Since cookies are not a threat, I am not concerned. Scotty keeps track of so many things for me, I am very happy.