Sunday, August 19, 2007

How to secure a wireless network

Here's a great tip via Josh at Windows Connected:

"Steve Lamb of Microsoft created this 5 part series on securing a Wireless network. If you unsure how to do this then check it out, complete with videos."

Part 1: Enabling WPA on a wireless router
Part 2: How to change the SSID
Part 3: Reconfiguring a Vista client to connect to your WPA secured access point
Part 4: Connect using WPA for the first time on Windows Vista
Part 5: Connecting using WPA for the first time on XP

Do you have a Windows Vista tip? To celebrate the redesign, the Windows Connected Team is giving away prizes for the best tip or hardware/software review. The number of prizes depends on the number of entries. Grand prize? Are you ready for this? It is a copy of Windows Vista Ultimate Edition!!! There are also a few Windows Vista games, Laptop bags and lots of other swag for other potential winners.

To enter, just register at Windows Connected Forums and submit a new Windows Tip here or a review of a recent piece of hardware or software. Only entries of sufficent quality will be entered, so a two-line review probably won't count. Be add either the Tip tag or Review tag to your post. You can enter as many times as you want.

The contest will end on August 31st. Winners will be selected based on quality of post(s) by the Windows Connected Staff, which means I am not eligible to enter. However, you are as there are no restrictions against readers of my blog.

Join the fun at Windows Connected. I'm connected, are you?

Register Here

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