Saturday, August 11, 2007

Scotty Icon for WinPatrol 2007 v12.0.2007

Personally, I like Scotty in the "blue bubble", or as I see it in a blue orb, much like the Windows icon in the Windows Vista Start Orb. On the other hand, Bill Pytlovany explained it as "Scotty's Infinite Circle of Protection". That works for me -- as does WinPatrol.

For those WinPatrol users who have not upgraded to Windows Vista and prefer the original icon (as well as users of RogueRemover) you will be happy to know that BillP Studios Always Listens.
"Our new build v12.0.2007.1 has two very minor changes.

1) If you’re using RogueRemover it apparently edits your HOSTS file and uses the IP address of to block sites. The HijackPatrol log will now filter these entries out just like it does the local address and others that might be added by the popular MVP Hosts project.
In English, unless your using RogueRemover, this change won’t affect you.

2) I have added an hidden option to allow the use of the original Scotty icon in the system tray. After downloading the new version, you’ll still need to run a registry script which is available at"
Note: The above registry script will not work with Firefox. Instead, use Internet Explorer or do the following:
  • First close WinPatrol -- right-click on Scotty in the System Tray and select "Exit Program".
  • Next, copy/paste the text in the bold below into a new Notepad window.

    [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\BillP Studios\WinPatrol\Options]
  • Save it somewhere easy to access, like the Desktop, as: scotty.reg
    (You'll need change the 'Save As Type' to 'All Files').

  • Once it's saved, go to scotty.reg and launch it. You'll be prompted with the message "Do you wish to merge this information into the registry?"

  • Click "Yes". You should then get the message that it has successfully merged it into the registry.

  • Navigate to your WinPatrol folder and restart the program.
    (Default location: C:\Program Files\BillP Studios\WinPatrol\WinPatrol.exe)
You should then have the old back in the systray.

Windows 98 Users

If you should still be using Win98 and are desperate to get the original Scotty back, you will need to manually edit the registry, as discovered by long-time WinPatrol user hewee. First, back up the registry. (For Win98 instructions go here.) Then follow hewee's instructions:
Click Start > Run > Type regedit

Navigate to the following:

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\BillP Studios\WinPatrol\Options]

Right-click and select New "String Value" which adds the new "String Value" to the right side as "New Value #1"

Rename "New Value #1" to "TrayIcon".

Click "TrayIcon" and in the "Value Data" box enter "159" (without the quotes).
Nice going, hewee!

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Bill Pytlovany said...

I have made it especially easy for Win98 and WinME users. There's a new build 12.0.2007.2 which with always use the original Scotty icon on Win98/ME machines.

You don't have to rush, we'll probably have one other new build by Friday to fix an error that affects a small number of people.

Corrine said...

Without a doubt, hewee and other Win98 users will appreciate the extra effort for them.

You're the best!