Monday, October 02, 2006

Witness a VirusBurst Type Rogue Takeover

Just as this ivy is taking over the garden wall, so will a browser hijack take over your computer.

There has been a lot of press to the VirusBurst, VirusBurster, MediaCodec, WinMediaCodec, X Password Generator, strCodec, pCodec and other rogue installations. (Instructions for removal are here.) If you have been fortunate and not experienced this happening to your computer, you can see what it looks like as the folks over at SiteAdvisor have made a video on spyware, called "Spyware Rubbernecking". You can see it here.

After watching the video, remember the repeated advice: Make sure your computer has all the latest Microsoft Updates (see Notes below). Keep your antivirus software updated and and use caution when browsing the Internet. Do not click on a link in an e-mail from an untrusted source.

HatTip to SunbeltBLOG

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