Saturday, October 07, 2006

Mozilla Releases Firefox 2 Release Candidate 2

While the temperature in my area reached the low 30's last night, the folks at Mozilla were uploading uploading Release Candidate 2 (RC2) to the servers. Should you decide to give it a test run, please keep in mind that RC is not final and bugs and incompatabilities may exist with installed extensions.

For enhancements and changes to Firefox 2 RC2., see the Release Notes. Please read the Installation Instructions. I also recommend backing up your profile, bookmarks and cookies before installing a new version as well creating a restore point if using Microsoft XP.

Also released for testing is Firefox Portable 2.0 Release Candidate 2. Firefox Portable can be run from a USB flash drive, iPod, portable hard drive, CD, etc and used on any computer. It can also be run from a local hard drive or your desktop. This would be a handy way to test Firefox 2 RC2 without affecting the version installed on your computer.

Download Firefox 2 RC2

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