Monday, October 09, 2006

WinPatrol Update

Bill Pytlovany issued a maintenance release version of WinPatarol 10. Unless you have had the problems addressed, updating to 10.0.5 is not required.

  • WinPatrol registry functions enhanced to handle over-zealous registry cleaners.
Improper use of Registry Cleaners can cause Scotty to repeatedly ask permission for system changes.
  • Build Tools updated to Microsoft Visual Studios 2005.
In theory, this shouldn't break anything. Adds a few KB to the program size but so far benchmarks indicate faster performance.
  • PLUS Tab Search available on Free versions to support future promotions.
When you click on the PLUS tab there's a input box that allows you to search on any program name. This is now displayed on Free versions so it will be available in the future.
  • Our alternate Installshield Setup program is now used as our default setup. This version is slightly larger than our original default setup but is more compatible with newer systems.
Product Info: WinPatrol 10
Direct Download: Download WinPatrol 10.0.5

If you don't have WinPatrol on your computer, check out the great features here. You won't be sorry you have Scotty on Patrol!

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